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Usui Reiki (Master Healer) - Level 3A


Reiki is a form of energy medicine. In essence, you become a channel for the Universal energy of Reiki to flow through and heal. Reiki cannot be learnt from a book or by instruction. The activation of Reiki is through an 'Attunement' or 'Initiation' given by a Reiki master. Usui Reiki - Level 3A is also called 'Shinpiden' in Japanese. The workshop is for those who want to use the Master Symbol in their treatments. This workshop involves learning the Master symbol, Reiki grid, Aura clearing, Psychic surgery, Meditation, etc. After the training, you will receive the Usui Reiki - Level 3A Attunement, which will permanently re-pattern your Human Energy Field to 'resonate' with and accept the specific Reiki healing energies.

Usui Reiki - Level 3A will help in –

  • Letting things happen by themselves without judgment

  • Leading to things in the present time and place without pride, guilt or fear

  • Transmitting a new and powerful impulse towards growth

  • A perpetual "voyage" of exploration and meditation

  • Getting in touch with realities beyond the sensible world

  • Bringing more love, light & happiness into this world

  • And more…


  • Usui Reiki – Level 2.

  • Minimum 10+2.

  • Must have good skills in English language.

Technical Requirements:

  • access to laptop, desktop, tablet.

  • internet connectivity.

  • mike, headphone, web camera for some topics.


  • 5 Days.

Course Commencement:

  • One can join anytime.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Usui Reiki – Level 3A

  • Reiki and Symbolism

  • Traditional and Non Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol

  • Usui Reiki – Level 3A Attunement

  • More Advanced Reiki Techniques

  • Psychic Surgery, and more…

  • Healing for Others and Self

  • Preparation, Energy, Intentions

  • Meditations, Finishing with Gratitude

  • Divine Guidance, New Consciousness, One-ness

  • And more…

Registration: To receive your Registration Form click here.

Procedure: Download the Registration Form, fill it manually and attach your passport size photograph. A scanned copy of the same must be mailed to – amhcc.amhcc@gmail.com, and original copy must be sent by post to AMHCC to the correspondence address mentioned in ‘CONTACT US’ page along with the following documents:

  1. Indian studentsone copy each of Aadhar Card and mark-sheet of last examination passed.

  2. Non-Indian studentsone copy each of Passport [first and last page] and mark-sheet of last examination passed.

Fee: Indian Students: INR 4000

Non-Indian Students: US$ 55

To make Payment: Go to ‘CONTACT US’ page for bank and account details.

Fast Facts:

  • E-Learning from anywhere.

  • Mode of instruction will be in English.

  • The course is extensive and well-structured for easy comprehension.

  • The E-Workshop will have all or some of the following related to the course – audios, videos, lessons on Zoom.

  • Supply of course material will be regulated by your study progress and will be sent from time to time to the Email Id provided by you.

  • Assignments are to be attempted after each lesson and mailed to us for evaluation – amhcc.amhcc@gmail.com

  • The course should be completed within the prescribed period for which admission is sought.

  • Complete guide support.

  • Internal assessment of assignments.

  • Certificate will be awarded by AMHCC.


4, Shishu Mandir, Gokhale Society Lane, Parel, Mumbai–400012, Maharashtra, INDIA.
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