Tibetan Healing

Course Description:

Tibetan Healing is for those who want to become a Tibetan Healer. You need to start healing on yourself first, before going on to help others. When you succeed in curing yourself of ailments, you can start helping others. To become a healer you not only have to develop your healing powers, but you also have to live in a spiritual way. Also one needs is to develop love and compassion for others. Meditations help you develop in a spiritual way, but this can take a long time, and it is well worth it.

It is the task of the healer to change negative energy which is within and around us. This helps the disease to go away. But it is best to change one's thinking in a more positive and spiritual way in order to prevent diseases in the future. That is why a healer needs to be a good example by living a good spiritual life. He can do this by speaking softly and calmly, by playing soft and nice music and by producing good vibrations from a singing bowl.

The most important task of the healer is to see the patient as a friend and to give him unconditional love. Explain everything about the healing, avoid all kinds of emotions, personally stay calm when the patient has lots of emotions, and stay there to help him. Never take his problems onto your life; and this is possible only when you are strongly rooted in spirituality.

In Tibetan Healing, you will be introduced to the following areas:

  • Beginning and End of Healing

  • Healing Room

  • Cleaning Rooms of Bad Energy

  • The Healing Stick (gyamzo)

  • Stones in the Healing Room/ The Singing Bowl

  • The Chakras/ Meditations for Healing

  • The Crystalline Ball

  • Meditation for Purification& Sun Energy

  • Cleansing Your Aura/ Tips on Food

  • Points in the hands, Opening of Chakras

  • Good Concentration/ Depression/Stress

  • Mental Illness/Depressions/ Burn out/ Black Magic

  • Addiction

  • Diseases Caused by Working at Computer

  • Cerebral Hemorrhage

  • Eye Issues/ Cataract/Glaucoma

  • Pain in Throat/ Neck/Back

  • Sleeplessness/ Cold/ Flu/ Fever

  • Body Massage for Good Health

  • Skin Problems/ Allergy/ Burns & Scalds

  • Problems in Finger/ Elbow/ Knee/ Hip

  • Treatment for Swollen Legs/ Arms

  • Rheumatism/ Muscular Pains/ Cramps

  • Varicose Vein/ Blood-poisoning

  • Headache/ High Blood Pressure

  • Issues of Lung/ Liver/ Asthma/ Epilepsy & Seizures

  • Snoring/ Heart problems

  • General Cancer/ Bone Cancer/ Heart Cancer

  • Breast Cancer/ Brain Cancer

  • Beginning & End of Cancer Treatment

  • Problems with Sexuality/ Menstruation

  • Dreams -Love Affairs

  • Weight Issues

  • Pain in Stomach/ Stomach Ulcer/ Bleeding

  • Appendicitis/ Kidney Stones/ Diabetes/

  • Malaria/ Headache & Migraine

Prerequisite: Open only to all. The student must -

  • Have access to laptop, desktop, tablet.

  • Have internet connectivity.

  • Have good skills in English language.

Duration: 1 month.

Classes will be held on mutually agreed dates and time. As this is a self-paced course, students can complete the course earlier. Maximum duration will be 6 months.

Important Fast Facts:

  • Online study from anywhere.

  • First write to us at amhcc.amhcc@gmail.com about your intention; joining date; number of - days per week, hours per day; and time you want to devote for your selected study. After we confirm by return of email on the mutually agreed dates and time, you can register and make your payment.

  • Classes will be on Zoom or Google Meet.

  • Course is structured for easy comprehension.

  • 24 X 7 Guide support through email.

  • Students who complete the course will be awarded a completion certificate which must be downloaded.

Registration Form: Fill in your Registration Form here.

Payment to be made in favor of: Shanti Mahadevan

Course Fee:

INR 5,500

Non-Indian Students use PayPal: US$ 80

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