Cosmic & Earth Energy-The Lecher Antenna

Course Description:

Lecher Antenna is an instrument that diagnoses subtle energies through wavelengths. It is based on Nano Technology which is used in atom level. It can detect energies and aggressions in environmental, architectural, and in human energy system. It is a must for Architects, Interior Designers, Vastu Consultants, Civil Engineers, Bio environmentalists, Medical Practitioner, etc.

The Lecher Antenna measures the energy fields surrounding the physical body and can be used for many purposes - healing, vastu, good sleep, personal situations, attaining goals, love, progress, prosperity, health, empowerment, money, happiness; ... the sky is the limit! The Lecher Antenna can do practically everything! You will learn and get firsthand experience.

In Cosmic & Earth Energy: Lecher Antenna, you will be introduced to the following areas:

  • History of Lecher Antenna

  • Introduction to Lecher Antenna

  • Use of the LA by Professionals

  • The LA & Its Parts

  • Features & Uses of The Lecher Antenna

  • Applications of Lecher Antenna

  • Benefits of Lecher Antenna

  • Human Health & Disorders

  • Human Body and Its Energy Fields

  • Measuring Human Body

  • Treating The Human Body

  • Pharmaceutical Drugs and Supplements

  • Qualifying The Products on Human Beings

  • Use of LA in Vastu

  • Measuring Plot & House with The LA

  • Distant Viewing of Plot, House, and Remedy With LA

  • Checking Your Work Room

  • Energy Lines on the Ground

  • Environment – Cause of Ill-Health

  • Geobiology

  • When to Suspect Geopathic Stress in a Structure?

  • Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress

  • Global Geomagnetic Grids

  • Remedies and Cures for Geopathic Stress

  • Geopathic Stress and Earth Acupuncture

  • The Governing Vessel

  • Health – Lecher Antenna Diagnosis

  • Vastu - Lecher Antenna Diagnosis

  • Various Wave Lengths on the LA

  • Exercises

Prerequisite: Open to all. The student must -

  • Have access to laptop, desktop, tablet.

  • Have internet connectivity.

  • Have good skills in English language.

  • Have your own Lecher Antenna.

Duration: 1 month.

Classes will be held on mutually agreed dates and time. As this is a self-paced course, students can complete the course earlier. Maximum duration will be 6 months.

Important Fast Facts:

  • Online study from anywhere.

  • First write to us at about your intention; joining date; number of - days per week, hours per day; and time you want to devote for your selected study. After we confirm by return of email on the mutually agreed dates and time, you can register and make your payment.

  • Classes will be on Zoom or Google Meet.

  • Course is structured for easy comprehension.

  • 24 X 7 Guide support through email.

  • Students who complete the course will be awarded a completion certificate which must be downloaded.

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Payment to be made in favor of: Shanti Mahadevan

Course Fee:

INR 15,000

Non-Indian Students use PayPal: US$ 205

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