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Plots & Home Consultations

Are you considering to buy a land, a plot, a factory, a shed, or a home? OR, do you want advice on your existing properties? If YES, then you are at the right station! Get inspection done for the energies, vaastu, architecture, geopathic stress, aggressions in environment, etc., on your property, and seek remedial measure.... And we will tell you how!

AMHCC offers its services to help locate adverse source points of all underground obstacles such as water lines, caverns, Hartmann grids, Ley lines, gases like radon that negatively impacts both businesses and lives. We will give lasting solutions with the Lecher Antenna which is the world's best bio-energy measuring instrument and which diagnoses subtle energies through wavelengths.

For a quick opinion, accurate evaluation, and prosperous remedies, book your appointment and meet us with your site map with true north mark on it, proposed layout, photographs, approximate area of constructions, number of floors, rooms, etc. of your home or business. We will do a thorough assessment of the internal and external environment of your property, and then provide a report with suitable authentic corrections and solutions for enhancements and cures. All this involves taking accurate readings, measurements, analyzing the shape and size of the property.

Oh, oh! Is your property located outside Mumbai? Not to worry! We know that the cost of travel can be very prohibitive if your property is located far away or even outside India. But with the advent of the Lecher Antenna, digital scanning, digital photography and internet, it is now easily possible to provide consultations remotely. We do not mind a Personal Site Visit Consultation, but the initial paper work will make things move faster for you. And the results? They are the same!!

AMHCC is a one-stop destination where we also help to find you the best layout for your furniture and colours in your workplace or home for a harmonious and prosperous atmosphere. Along with the L.A., we use colours, crystals, symbols, yantras, Feng Shui for enhanced results. Customer satisfaction is our motto! And so here we are to help you and offer our services to rectify your area of concern. For Personal Consultation, please meet us personally with prior appointment. We will tackle all your concerns and queries with remedies.

Ah... and most importantly; we always encourage you to stay in touch with us after consultation and the remedial measures are taken. This helps us to monitor the progress you have made after all the changes done.

BOOK APPOINTMENT with an SMS on +91 98202 50500

We will get back to you soon!

If not reachable on Telephone or Cell, please send your inquiry to amhcc.amhcc@gmail.com



+91 98202 50500

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+91 98202 50500

+91 96321 48473

Sri Lanka
+94 77 937 7500

+60 11 2657 5850

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