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Flower Of Life - Level 1

Event Description

Flower of Life ... What a lovely name to the work that will eventually help people understand who they really are, so that together we all can create a more loving world, and perhaps a more loving universe. There is only one Spirit. And long before, the Spirit lived in human bodies, dancing in high culture. The Flower of Life was and is known by all life everywhere, and is the creation pattern - the way in, the way out. Spirit created us in this image. You know this is true; it is written in all our bodies. And the birth of our new/old consciousness here on Earth will change us forever and return us to the awareness that there is truly only one Spirit. There is this Great Spirit in the eyes of everyone, and this He/She is within you. You already hold within your deepest being all the information you will learn.

It is clear that geometry is the hidden law of nature, and all the laws of nature can be derived directly from sacred geometry. You will be introduced to nature's secrets, and will begin to see how the geometries are located in the electromagnetic fields around your body. Remembering these fields is the beginning of human awakening; and the sacred and holy human lightbody called the Mer-Ka-Ba which is the "wheels within wheels" becomes a reality.

At first it may seem like something you have never heard before, but it is not so. This is ancient information. You can remember things that are deep inside you, and this course will trigger these things so that you can remember who you are, why you came here, and what your purpose is for being here on Earth. This course will become a blessing in your life and give you a new awakening about yourself and something about you that is very, very old.

In Flower of Life - Level 1, you will be introduced to the following areas:




Ancient Planet


Secret of the Flower


Our Present and Past


Creation of the Grid


Evolution of Consciousness


Shape and Structure


Measuring Stick of the Universe


The Fibonacci-Binary Polarity

Prerequisite - Open to all.

Duration - 4 days.

Timings - 10.30 am-5.30 pm.

Number of Seats - Seats are STRICTLY limited to a small number to allow one-to-one interaction. Registration a must.

Course Fee - For fee details call ONLY between 10.30 am-5.30 pm.
Fee includes Course Material, Lunch, Tea, Coffee, Biscuits.

Old participants - review at 25% charge with prior registration.

For Registration, please call / whatsapp / sms on - +91 98202 50500


If not reachable on Telephone or Cell, please send your inquiry to amhcc.amhcc@gmail.com



+91 98202 50500

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+91 98202 50500

+91 96321 48473

Sri Lanka
+94 77 937 7500

+60 11 2657 5850

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