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"Let's Talk" at AMHCC has been providing counselling services for some time. If you are thinking of reaching out to us for support, then you are not alone. There are thousands seeking help for their stress and emotional issues. Take that first step and seek an appointment. It can be at first intimidating for you, and there may be some uncertainty too. But do not worry nor hesitate...Our counsellors are empathetic and see things from the client's point of view.

Talking openly with family or friends is not easy, as they are likely to be emotionally involved and have opinions and biases that may be detrimental to the success of the counselling. But at "Let's Talk", our counsellors will help you to talk freely and you will be seeing things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point. There may be some exploration of early childhood experiences in order to throw some light on why an individual reacts or responds in certain ways in given situations. This helps to focus on feelings, experiences, behaviors, with a goal to facilitating a positive change.

During your first appointment which is called the intake appointment, you will discuss your presenting concerns and personal history. You will also be asked why you have come to the centre and what you hope to gain. The professional counsellor does not judge... but only gives the client an opportunity to express difficult feelings and how best to help you. Here, effective counselling allows the client to make effective decisions leading to positive changes in his attitude and/or behavior.

Our counsellors will arrange a follow-up phone call to see how you are going and discuss options for further support. If you feel that the single session was sufficient and has met your needs, your file will be closed with the understanding you are welcome to re-contact us at any time in the future.

BOOK APPOINTMENT with an SMS on +91 98202 50500

We will get back to you soon!

If not reachable on Telephone or Cell, please send your inquiry to amhcc.amhcc@gmail.com



+91 98202 50500

+91 96321 48473

+94 77 937 7500

+60 11 2657 5850


+91 98202 50500

+91 96321 48473

Sri Lanka
+94 77 937 7500

+60 11 2657 5850

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